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Michael Sanjek

I’ve Been There

I have over 25 years of experience in the home service and energy industries to offer my business coaching clients. Integrating and implementing business operation systems in the past makes me a natural fit as a Leadership Coach.

I bring the best level of engagement and add the highest level of value when coaching and guiding clients to get the most out of themselves and their teams.

I have found that many business owners and executives need guidance to simplify the complexities of their business and ensure the entire team is moving in the same direction. I am determined to share my real-world experience to empower those around me and shorten their learning curve.

Take your business to Its highest level

Gain control

Grow leaders who grow companies.

Simplify your business

Implement a proven, profitable framework to scale up your people, processes and profits.

Be confident

Move your business upward with more clarity and confidence in your future.

Sanjek Consulting Group

Michael Sanjek

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